Monday, July 22, 2013

Jaffa Custard

Last week I attended a Thermomix cooking class with my Mum, and also run into a good friend there (with whom, at one point, I got the giggles!) 

It was a fun night, the first TM cooking class for our area and I thought the girls did a great job.

One of the recipes we got to sample was Jaffa custard, it was delicious! But on the ride home (thanks mummy!) I could feel my stomach cursing me for consuming custard made on full cream dairy milk.

I make the TM Everyday Cookbook custard recipe on almond milk all the time so I thought I'd give this Jaffa one a go. It was awesome!!!

Place in TM bowl
100g dark organic chocolate
Grate on Speed 8, 10 seconds
Remove from bowl and place aside.

Place in TM
Zest of one orange
60g rapadura
Blitz on Speed 9, 20 seconds.

50g cornflour
2 eggs
500g of your choice of milk; almond/dairy/cashew
Cook for 6 minutes at 90c, Speed 4

Add back in:
Grated chocolate
Cook for a further 2 minutes at 90c, Speed 4.

Enjoy =)

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  1. Very yummy Kylee. So smooth. Love our thermies Bethie x